The Running of the Bullheadz

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Barrow Mound Explored

Kane briefly explores the new area reached by the strange magical disc. Apparently it has teleported him to an area previously unexplored. Appearing in a strange storage room, he searches and finds a secret door and a stone key. After listening and hearing distant screams and fighting through the door, Kane cautiously opens the door. Hearing an approaching metal dragging on stone sound, Kane opts to hide in the doorway and observe. What he does observe unnerves him, a large creature with the lower body of a spider and the upper body of a drow female, dragging a fully armored humanoid behind her and carrying another over the shoulder. Kane opts to let the creature pass as he tries to remain hidden. After letting the creature pass he uses the disc to attempt to return back to where he came from.

Kane does reunite with the group, after being teleported again to the top chamber of the barrow mound, he descends through the catacombs to find the group still searching the statue room and all of the goblins previously dispatched. The group decides to hole up in the goblin barracks room, and try to get some uninterrupted rest.

The group finally reaches the bottom of the barrow mound catacombs. There they run into the goblin high-shaman. The group ignores the goblin’s demands that they leave, and charges into combat. After a close fight, they defeat the shaman. They search the area and find a massive coffin has been dragged from the wall. Opening it reveals large humanoid bones. Could this be the ogre king? Comparing the bone dagger the party has recovered reveals that it is indeed a sharpened and bemagicked horn, taken from these very bones. Is there anything else magical about the bones or the room? What has happened here? Apparently any information they might have gathered perished with the slain goblin shaman and his minions.

The party returns to Loudwater and reports to Captain Harrowleaf. Harrowleaf instructs them to continue their report to Curuvar at the Smiling Satyr outside of town. Curuvar seems strangely coherant for a change, and informs the group that they are needed to the north, to investigate strange drops in temperature. He also tells them that this might be related to strange goings on in an old tower in the Dire Wood. Durroch’s tower. An old dwarven warlock who was always conducting experiments.

Inspired with this new information, the party set forth to find this tower and the source of the unusual weather.


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